Event in Solo: Indonesia Umbrella Festival September 2017


Indonesia Umbrella Festival will be held from 15th—17th of September 2017 in Mangkunegaran Palace, Solo, Central Java Province. One of cultural events in Solo that their work has been worldwide. Colourful of umbrellas with Nusantara etnic of fabric material.

Not only known in Solo City, Indonesia Umbrella Festival has been known into Thailand on Bo Sang Umbrella Festival, at January 2017. Skilled hands of the umbrella craftsmen increasingly enhance the look of umbrella.

Umbrellas are indeed a unique creation that needs a true artistic touch. Traditional umbrellas from all across the archipelago. The festival will also feature umbrella arts from other countries.

Founder of Mataya Art and Heritage, Heru Mataya have been a massive promote Indonesia Umbrella Festival to the abroad. Umbrella is not only being protective equipment when it rains. Umbrella can be a diplomacy media amongst  the countries.

So, Dont miss it, Wanderers!

Join with us in Indonesia Umbrella Festival on September 2017 at Mangkunegaran Palace, Solo, Central Java Province.

Wonderful Solo, Ayo ke Solo!


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